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Acrylic Product Series

Acrylic Product Series

Introducing Mini-Merch’s Acrylic Product Series. Made from a plastic-like acrylic, a printed design is embedded between custom shaped pieces. Acrylic products are durable, lightweight, highly detailed, and come at an affordable cost. They’re also available in clear, white, or black acrylic.

Custom acrylic magnets, pins, and keychains are crafted from durable acrylic material, and offer a crystal-clear canvas for detailed designs and logos. This allows any type of design to be printed into an acrylic product whether it is a larger magnet or a smaller pin or keychain. The detail of the design is one of the most attractive qualities about acrylic and the clear layer is protected in shipping by a thin layer of plastic so as to not scratch the surface. 

The custom acrylic products will be lighter in weight compared to metal as well. This makes an acrylic product more attractive for pins compared to an enamel product as well as the smooth surface that acrylic offers. 

How are Acrylic Products Made?

Acrylic, also called PMMA or plexiglass, is derived from acrylic plastic, and its chemical name is poly methyl methacrylate. It works well for Acrylic Products such as pins, keychains, and magnets with its great transparency, weather resistance, easy customization, and wide range of applications. This makes the acrylic a more reliable option than an enamel product as well as staying within your budget!

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